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Connect from
the inside out

Connect, from the inside out. It’s not just my motto. Whether we work together for Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching, Career Coaching or Mediation, I help you to reconnect with yourself, and from there with your environment. As a leader, as an employee, as a person.

Welcome to InneRevolution. Where you learn to live life to the fullest again instead of just surviving.

Reconnect with yourself, and consequently, also with your environment.

As a leadership coach, I help you as an inspired leader to reconnect with yourself, and from there also with your environment and your team. By leading from your inner compass, you experience more happiness and balance. As a result, you become a real growth engine for your company and your employees.

A strong team proactively takes the time to slow down and reflect. Both on what the team does and also how it functions. And that makes it more effective and cohesive. With team coaching, you pay attention to working together, strengthen mutual connections and build a strong foundation for your team.

As a career coach, I help your employees discover what their talents are, and I provide tools tailored to their situation and needs. The result: more energy, productivity, commitment, and a healthy dose of resilience.

As a mediator, I help people engage in conversation to clarify what it is really about, so that they can jointly come to a sustainable solution. This ensures growth at the personal and company level, more well-being and productivity.

Sophie Grison - InneRevolution -  Coaching & Mediation

My philoSophie

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning how to dance in the rain.”

During your life you gain different experiences. Sometimes challenges come your way. At that moment, the key is to reflect on how to use it as an opportunity. As an invitation to personal growth.

I experienced how you can lose yourself by living on autopilot. How this makes you lose the connection with who you really are, and ultimately with your environment. But I also found how valuable it is to see challenges as an opportunity, to work with them and thereby grow as a person.

Or, to put it with my motto: ‘challenge creates opportunity’. But of course, you can only see that when you press the pause button and reconnect with yourself. Who are you deep down inside? What impact do you want to make? How do you want to make a difference? And is your current path in line with that?

Let me be your guide. With that inner evolution. Or inner revolution, it’s just how you look at it.

Sophie Grison - InneRevolution - Coaching & Mediation

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