Career Coaching

As a company, you know that it is important to focus on the sustainable development of your employees. And to give them the opportunity to reflect on their growth and what they really want.

That’s what happens during career coaching: I help them discover what their talents are during individual coaching sessions, and provide tools tailored to their situation and needs.

Sophie Grison - InneRevolution -  Coaching & Mediation
Sophie Grison - InneRevolution -  Coaching & Mediation

The foundation of my approach is the positive psychology

We base ourselves on the strengths of your employee and not the limitations. We explore themes such as:

  • What do I want? Where do I want to go?
  • What are my talents?
  • Who am I? What values and personality do I have?
  • What gives me satisfaction?
  • What restrictive beliefs bother me?
  • In what area do I want to develop further?
  • What can or do I want to do effectively?

I hold up a mirror to people, challenge them to take ownership, and dare to confront them.

But in a safe environment where they are allowed to be completely themselves, show themselves and where there is room for humor. The result: more energy, productivity, engagement and a healthy dose of resilience.

Did you know that research has shown that employee satisfaction increases after career coaching, even if the work situation does not change?

Self-aware, employable employees make the difference

And that’s where you work towards with career coaching. You empower your team to take charge of their career and work on the competencies that are needed for this. Not without reason: the generation that enters the labor market today is driven by very different goals than financial profit. They want to deliver quality, strive for balance, and want to be able to grow personally in their work. Finding an inspiring workplace is paramount for them. A place where they can use their talents and are valued for that.

In addition, organizations and existing working methods are constantly changing today. Flexibility and adaptability have become essential competencies in a world where we are increasingly working together on a project basis, often virtually. In addition to skills and diploma, a person’s ability to adapt to new developments is an important factor for future career success.

Employees are increasingly taking control of their own careers and want to work on the competencies that are needed for this through lifelong learning.

Sophie Grison - InneRevolution -  Coaching & Mediation

What career coaching does for you:

  • You discover and strengthen the unique qualities, passions and talents of your employees.
  • You will learn what your team gets energy from and what the possible energy eaters are.
  • Your team builds willpower, courage and creativity to push boundaries.
  • You give your team’s potential a big boost.

The results are undeniable:

  • new perspectives
  • increased decisiveness
  • more ownership
  • more self-confidence
  • increased productivity
  • more sense of responsibility

Are you an individual interested in career coaching? Then we can partner through Better Minds and under certain conditions you can benefit from VDAB’s career vouchers.


Sophie Grison - InneRevolution -  Coaching & Mediation
“Sophie has offered a tailored team coaching solution. I much appreciated Sophie’s personal, rational, clear, flexible and empathetic approach. Based on individual intakes and solid methodologies, she enabled a shift in team dynamics which resulted in tangible improvement of the team’s collaboration and productivity. I warmly recommend Sophie!”

Sandra Boel
Chief Human Resources Officer, Ausy Benelux

“Sophie heeft mij toegelaten een aantal zaken op een rijtje te krijgen en in te zien in welke professionele omgeving ik mij goed kan voelen. Hierdoor was ik beter in staat te beoordelen welke keuzes/ opties mij dichter bij mijn uiteindelijk doel konden brengen. Sophie slaagt erin om een veilige omgeving te combineren met een no-nonsense aanpak!”

Filip Olde Bijvank

“The first time I met Sophie, it immediately felt right. It clicked!
Sophie is an empathetic and has a very effective and pleasant way of coaching. During my coaching sessions, my “search for a new career” was addressed. I felt supported and appropriately challenged so that I quickly gained insight to take my next steps. In the meantime, I have written out my “Why” and I am ready to walk my path.
Thank you for ‘the click’!”

Kathleen Van Baelen

“Sophie zorgt er voor dat je meer gaat nadenken over wat je wel en niet belangrijk vindt in een job en op welke manier de work-life-balance in evenwicht kan zijn. Je krijgt doorheen de coaching meer vat op de zaken waar je nu tegen aan loopt en je krijgt opnieuw ‘grond onder je voeten’ wat je loopbaanmogelijkheden betreft. Na slecht vier uur loopbaancoaching bij Sophie, had ik een vrij helder beeld van de weg die ik moet gaan in de richting van een nieuwe uitdaging, ik kreeg handvaten om mijn loopbaan letterlijk in eigen handen te nemen. Ik kreeg ook vertrouwen in het feit dat je wel degelijk zelf je loopbaan kan vorm geven door regelmatig te reflecteren over wat je belangrijk vindt en welke talenten en competenties aanwezig zijn bij jou. Kortom, Sophie zorgt voor een zeer kwaliteitsvolle loopbaancoaching. Ik zal in de toekomst zeker nog met haar contact opnemen, wanneer ik ‘vast’ komt te zitten.”

“Sophie is a very enthusiastic coach who will receive you with a lot of warmth and expertise. You feel at ease with her right away. Together with you, she manages to find the crucial points that block you from achieving what you want very quickly. Her toolbox to address these points of attention is impressive, and she knows perfectly which tool to use at what time. This way you will undoubtedly achieve your goals! It will be a fascinating journey in which you can become more and more yourself and be in your strength!”

Aline De Pelsemaeker

“If you are looking for sustainable change in your life and work, I can highly recommend Sophie as a coach. The speed, wit and passion in which she dares to move you just outside your comfort zone is unique. Sophie offers a safe environment in which you can be completely yourself. Based on her many years of experience in the business world, she works with unique tools to take you on your own unique path. In empowering you to get started with your talents and opportunities and create lasting change for yourself. Thank you Sophie, you are just top.”

Annika Lietart

“Sophie is a coach who offers you a safe place where you can be vulnerable. A place where your feelings, issues, concerns, doubts may emerge. She holds up a mirror in a respectful, warm and empathetic way.

Through her range of tools, years of experience in the business world, but above all through her genuine interest in you, Sophie knows how to make you think and grow. She guides you in a connecting way to be more in your strength and to have insight into your talents and possibilities. I am very grateful to know her.”

Nathalie Cockuyt

“Sophie heeft ons de voorbije maanden heel sterk geholpen bij de coaching van één van onze leidinggevenden. Daarnaast is ze ook met het hele team aan de slag gegaan om de team dynamics te verbeteren. Hierbij zette ze heel sterk in op verbinding, zowel tussen de teamleden onderling als tussen de teamleden en hun leidinggevende. Sophie connecteert makkelijk met iedereen, creëert rust en wint makkelijk het vertrouwen. Door haar jarenlange ervaring in het HR-domein heeft Sophie heel wat kennis opgebouwd en die past ze op een hele fijne, pragmatische manier toe. Ze stelt de juiste vragen en helpt mensen meer en beter naar zichzelf te kijken. Ook wij als werkgever werden regelmatig gedwongen om in de spiegel te kijken wat ook ons de zaken vanuit diverse perspectieven liet bekijken.”

Sofie Van de Ven, Head of HR Benelux – Zurich Insurance

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