Mediation in labour relations

Working together. How do you do that? What if the different values, interests and goals in your organization or team collide?

Where people work together, it’s normal that there are conflicts. However, they can also be the engine for change, growth and co-creation. And that’s what we’re looking for during mediation.

My approach is development and solution oriented. That means I listen empathetically while facilitating the dialogue. People dare to express their opinion and it becomes clear what it is really about, and they can jointly come to a sustainable solution. This ensures growth at both personal and company level, more well-being and productivity.

I am guided by authenticity, respect, confidentiality, integrity, and my personal values.

Sophie Grison - InneRevolution -  Coaching & Mediation

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and happiness.”

By choosing mediation, you prevent tensions and inner conflicts from impacting the well-being and productivity of your organization.

And that’s more important today than ever. After all, we are facing major challenges as more and more digital, home and project-based work is carried out.

Both employers and employees experience less human contact, more challenges in communication and more work stress due to the high rate of change associated with the current digital evolution.

Also, you naturally want to keep as many of your talented employees as possible in the current war for talent. Because your employees are your most important capital.

Sophie Grison - InneRevolution -  Coaching & Mediation

Making visible what it’s really about

  • The first step in mediation is always to let the parties involved engage in conversation with each other. After all, it is important to clarify what the conflict is really about.
  • As a mediator, I create a context in which all parties can express their point of view, say what needs to be said and also be heard. In this way, we identify all of the interests and needs of all parties and create mutual understanding.
  • I make people aware of where they are now and facilitate the conversation. So that people can make choices about where they want to go, and they can ultimately come to a joint and sustainable solution.


Sophie Grison - InneRevolution -  Coaching & Mediation

“When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.”

Sophie Grison - InneRevolution -  Coaching & Mediation

Thanks to mediation:

  • Individual needs, interests and tensions become transparent and negotiable
  • Trust and respect are regained
  • Blocking dynamics are converted into constructive cooperation
  • Co-creation: both employees and the company grow, because solutions are being worked on together that would not have been conceived on an individual level
  • Prevent tensions and inner conflicts from putting a stamp on the well-being and productivity of your organization
  • Work on an open corporate culture that motivates people to share their opinions


  • During an intake interview with the client of the mediation, I identify the parties involved, the expectations and objectives, the conflict and the background.
  • In addition, I explain how mediation works.
  • Then I will provide you with a proposal of action via a mediation protocol.
  • As the client, you inform the parties involved about the start of the mediation. Then we can get started.
Sophie Grison - InneRevolution -  Coaching & Mediation

“The first time I met Sophie, it immediately felt right. It clicked!
Sophie is an empathetic and has a very effective and pleasant way of coaching. During my coaching sessions, my “search for a new career” was addressed. I felt supported and appropriately challenged so that I quickly gained insight to take my next steps. In the meantime, I have written out my “Why” and I am ready to walk my path.
Thank you for ‘the click’!

Kathleen Van Baelen

“Sophie is a very enthusiastic coach who will receive you with a lot of warmth and expertise. You feel at ease with her right away. Together with you, she manages to find the crucial points that block you from achieving what you want very quickly. Her toolbox to address these points of attention is impressive, and she knows perfectly which tool to use at what time. This way you will undoubtedly achieve your goals! It will be a fascinating journey in which you can become more and more yourself and be in your strength!”

Aline De Pelsemaeker

“If you are looking for sustainable change in your life and work, I can highly recommend Sophie as a coach. The speed, wit and passion in which she dares to move you just outside your comfort zone is unique. Sophie offers a safe environment in which you can be completely yourself. Based on her many years of experience in the business world, she works with unique tools to take you on your own unique path. In empowering you to get started with your talents and opportunities and create lasting change for yourself. Thank you Sophie, you are just top.”

Annika Lietart

“Sophie is a coach who offers you a safe place where you can be vulnerable. A place where your feelings, issues, concerns, doubts may emerge. She holds up a mirror in a respectful, warm and empathetic way.

Through her range of tools, years of experience in the business world, but above all through her genuine interest in you, Sophie knows how to make you think and grow. She guides you in a connecting way to be more in your strength and to have insight into your talents and possibilities. I am very grateful to know her.”

Nathalie Cockuyt

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