Sophie’s Table

Join us at Sophie’s Table and connect with inspiring (business) leaders and managers.

I would like to invite you to join me at the Table with a handful of inspired (business) leaders and managers on Friday, 18 November 2022.

On the menu: connect authentically, exchange experiences, and create a valuable inner circle. You are welcome to be yourself. Without a (figurative) mask, in a safe environment. And meanwhile we enjoy a delicious and informal meal.

Why am I doing this? Because I am fascinated with the dynamics that arise when you bring people together around a table. Connecting people with themselves – and from there with others. It’s my mission for a reason.

Sophie Grison - InneRevolution - Coaching & Bemiddeling
Sophie Grison - InneRevolution -  Coaching & Mediation

Connecting authentically in an open and inspiring environment

Something for you?

Are you a passionate (business) leader or manager and not afraid to be vulnerable as a leader and as a person? Do you dare to be true to yourself and your own authenticity? Are you one of those leaders who likes to inspire others and at the same time admit that you don’t have all the answers? Then I warmly welcome you.

Where and when

Friday, 18 November from 12h to 15h. Please register by 10 November at the latest. (Places are limited to 12 people)

The Nine
Rue Archimède 69, 1000 Brussels


My co-host Jo Lambert, senior full professor in dermatology at UGent, has a passion for skin diseases as she experienced one as a young child. She is deeply driven to improve care processes for chronic skin disease patients. As a sensitive leader, she is consciously balancing between masculine and feminine energies: fast, decisive and scientific versus slowing down to feel in depth what is authentic and energising.

Would you like to discover more about how you follow your inner compass and stay true to your passion in an environment where masculine energy is more dominant? Join us for an inspiring conversation with a handful of inspired (business) leaders and managers while enjoying a delicious meal in an informal and safe setting.

Participation fee

The participation fee is 150 Euro excl. VAT.

“Connection is why we’re here: it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives”

– Brené Brown


Please register by completing the form below before 10 November to join the event (limited to 12 participants).

Feel free to register for the waiting list if you would like to join one of the next events.

Sophie Grison - InneRevolution -  Coaching & Mediation

“The first time I met Sophie, it immediately felt right. It clicked!
Sophie is an empathetic and has a very effective and pleasant way of coaching. During my coaching sessions, my “search for a new career” was addressed. I felt supported and appropriately challenged so that I quickly gained insight to take my next steps. In the meantime, I have written out my “Why” and I am ready to walk my path.
Thank you for ‘the click’!”

Kathleen Van Baelen

“Sophie is a very enthusiastic coach who will receive you with a lot of warmth and expertise. You feel at ease with her right away. Together with you, she manages to find the crucial points that block you from achieving what you want very quickly. Her toolbox to address these points of attention is impressive, and she knows perfectly which tool to use at what time. This way you will undoubtedly achieve your goals! It will be a fascinating journey in which you can become more and more yourself and be in your strength!”

Aline De Pelsemaeker

“If you are looking for sustainable change in your life and work, I can highly recommend Sophie as a coach. The speed, wit and passion in which she dares to move you just outside your comfort zone is unique. Sophie offers a safe environment in which you can be completely yourself. Based on her many years of experience in the business world, she works with unique tools to take you on your own unique path. In empowering you to get started with your talents and opportunities and create lasting change for yourself. Thank you Sophie, you are just top.”

Annika Lietart

“Sophie is a coach who offers you a safe place where you can be vulnerable. A place where your feelings, issues, concerns, doubts may emerge. She holds up a mirror in a respectful, warm and empathetic way.

Through her range of tools, years of experience in the business world, but above all through her genuine interest in you, Sophie knows how to make you think and grow. She guides you in a connecting way to be more in your strength and to have insight into your talents and possibilities. I am very grateful to know her.”

Nathalie Cockuyt

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Meerhout 10
9080 Lochristi